A little about us

A Pad 4 Paws is a Doggy Boutique Hotel run by Sue & Pete.  We are fully insured and are proud to hold our Plymouth City Council Animal Boarding Licence in accordance with DEFRA Regulations Licence No: A021. We also hold Public Liability Insurance.  We have been brought up with dogs from a very early age and lived with them all our lives.

We have always had Golden Retrievers in our life.  We have also been involved in the past in rescuing Yorkshire Terriers.  Our Goldies are happy to share their home and home comforts with your dog.

To us they are one of the family and it is always pleasing to see a wagging tail which always puts a smile on your face whether you have had a bad day or a good one.

Our aim is to look after them in our home the closest to the way you would look after them in your home.  We specialise in only taking a small number of dogs into our home at any one time.  This means we can dedicate the care and individual attention each one needs with things ranging from what food they like to eat to whether they are used to a short walk or long one and how many hugs and cuddles they need.

This boutique pad for doggies is a place where they can come and put up their paws and chill for some quality time and socialise at the same time.

Whilst there will be no cocktails by the pool for them, we aim to provide them with the diet you currently feed them and provide them with a few treats too, like snoozing in front of our roaring fire on a winter's evening. After all, this is a time for them to have some fun and relaxation too!

All we ask is that they are well behaved and sociable with others dogs.

Animal Boarding Licence No: A021. with Plymouth City Council in accordance with DEFRA 5 Star Rating

Issued to Susan Dean

Chilled out Golden Retriever
Sleeping dogs paw
Sleeping Golden Retrievers



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