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A little about us




aPad4Paws is run by Sue & Pete.  We hold full Business & Public Liability Insurance and are insured to transport dogs too.  We are proud to hold our Plymouth City Council Animal Boarding Licence in accordance with DEFRA Regulations Licence No: A021.  We have been brought up with dogs from a very early age and lived with them all our lives.


Dogs to us are one of the family and it is always pleasing to see a wagging tail which always puts a smile on your face whether you have had a bad day or a good one.


Our aim is to look after them in our home the closest to the way you would look after them in your home.  We specialise in only taking a small number of dogs into our home at any one time.


Our Doggy Daycare is run weekly from Monday to Friday and all our dogs are friends and love nothing better than a good old catch up, play and natter if they haven't seen each other for a while!


Our Daycare, Dog Walking and Boarding dogs are all walked together dependent upon their ability.  


We embrace an atmosphere where the dogs have various different ways of being encriched and mentally stimulated throughout the day.  They love to play together, have quiet time and sleep together and also have treats together. 


We have beds which they can chill out in and chairs with throws on so that they can relax and take a snooze when they feel like it.


All we ask is that they are well behaved and sociable with others dogs.



Animal Boarding Licence No: A021. with Plymouth City Council in accordance with

DEFRA 5 Star Rating   Issued to Susan Dean

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