At APad4Paws we can take your dogs for overnight stays.  Priorities in this busy world change from moment to moment.  Let us help take off the pressure by leaving your pooch with us.  They will be well cared for just like one of the family.  It maybe you have to travel away from home at the drop of a hat or are looking forward to going on holiday but need to know your best friend is going to be well cared for whilst you are away.  Thats were we come in! Just pick up the phone and let us know what you require and we will accommodate you.
A typical day at the 
Dog Boutique

Although we are used to getting up very early this does not mean that the doggies have to get up with us.  They can have a lie in if they choose.  We have been used to all sorts of risers and snoozers over the years! 

We want the time your best friend spends with us to be special.  After all they are on their holiday too!

So once we are up and raring to go, breakfast is the first thing on the agenda.  This is a civilised time where we provide what meals are provided at your home keeping them to their usual diet but making sure the dogs are always kept separate and don't have their food pinched by another tinker!


Once the breakfast has been taken care of, dependent what the weather holds outside is whether we will be using doggie coats (if its cold or raining) BUT if your dog does not want to wear a coat then that is fine.  No dog will be forced against their wishes to wear a coat. 

We are very lucky to have short and long walks on our doorstep so we can cater for the short walker and the more athletic of dogs.

Once we have returned from our walks and all dried out if its wet outside.  

It is time for a well earned snooze in our home.

Whilst your pooch stays with us we want them to be comfortable and treat it like a home from home.  After all it is their holiday too.


Later in the afternoon /early evening it will be time for tea.  This will be served in the kitchen and after this another walk will be on the horizon.


We have are very fortunate to have a lovely fire when the evenings are cold so there will be a chance to pick a nice warm place to have an evening snooze.  We also have terracotta tiles fitted in our kitchen/dining and conservatory rooms when the warmth becomes a little too toasty! to cool off on.  Which is what our dogs do.

Totally relaxed!
Hello! 10 weeks old pup
Hello mum you taking pictures again!
Sea, Sand and Paw prints



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