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A typical day at

aPad4Paws&Co Doggy Daycare



Our Doggy Daycare runs from 7:00am to 7:00pm Monday to Friday or any part of.

All our crew are friendly and know each other very well. 

When the dogs arrive we welcome them and they get settled.  


Breakfast Club/Dinner Club:

We can feed them their breakfast which you provide if it is really early and also lunch too if they are young pups.

Walks: we have lots of walks we go on with our crew which range from the countryside, woodlands and coast dependent upon the weather and time of year.

Once they return from their run, treats are had and then it is time for a good snooze and some quite time.


Quiet time is good for the dogs as this allows them to relax so as not to over stimulate them. 


Playtime and toys are always a winner and are enjoyed by our crew.

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