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aDDITIONAL options
                                      pick and mix
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Co - Weddings 

Mix & Match 




Society  *                                   From     £300

Aristocracy *                          From    £330 


Engagement shoot & *

Dog Chaperone Package:   

                                                   From    £325

*All for upto 6 hours in attendance or part of. 


Grooming and Bathing:

Mad About Paws - Muddy Paws 

Treatments, shampoo and brush up *

If the owner has a particular preference then

this can be looked into of course.

Overnight accommodation

at aPad4Paws                                   £  31                              

Fuel per mile  .60p

2025: Society: £330

2025: Aristocracy: £360

*The grooming at either establishment is for the Grooming Parlour to wash the dogs and have them squeaky clean for their special event

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Just for the Day

Michael Kieran & Theo Deer Park.heic

Chaperone +
Overnight Stay


Engagement Shoot & Wedding Chaperone

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Your choice

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