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Scruff to Toff and 1 night stay
Photo by: aPad4Paws


Co - Weddings 


           Scruff to Toff & 1 night stay

We collect your dog from you on your wedding day, or day before (to be arranged at our meeting with you).


We take them on a lovely long / short walk (this is tailored to the ability of the dog and you can advise us best on where to take them to get groomed and washed so they are nice and squeaky clean for your photos!  If you do not have a specific parlour in mind then we would happy to assist you with this.


We make sure they will have had a good lot of time to do their bathroom needs.


We arrive with your dog at the venue where the wedding /civil ceremony is taking place.


We look after your dog throughout the ceremony and if not required to be the ring bearer we will keep them entertained somewhere else at the site making sure they are available for those all important photos.


We will then take your dog to our home for the night. 


We will return them to you the following day unless you have arranged for an extended stay for your dog at aPad4Paws&Co


Just for the Day

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Chaperone +
Overnight Stay


Engagement Shoot & Wedding Chaperone

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Your choice

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